Hypocrites every one

Yesterday on facebook, we all shared the voting posts; “go vote”, “voters rights”, how important the voting process is, etc.
We all “liked” each others posts saying that we voted and “if you didn’t vote, dont complain”.
Today we are back to name calling and bashing.
Don’t take this wrong, but grow up. If you are such a supporter of the electoral process and spreading the message of “every voice counts”, you need to accept that every voice did count and some were just louder than others.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled with the outcome at all. AT ALL!
But majority rules…we ALL need to suck it up. We are not 12 on a playground. Stop breeding haters and bigots.
Spreading negativity and hate will change nothing, it will only breed more. Do you want to teach our youth that our voting process is ok as long as your candidate wins, then resort to slander and threats? What message are YOU sending?
For gods sake we are all humans sharing this earth, knock it off.


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