A short rant on fraud and generalizations

So, this video is all over facebook today. I think 4 of my friends have shared it. This guy is a douchebag, plain and simple. Turns out the gal suing him is just as bad, but for different reasons.
As a taxpayer, I’d love to see this guy brought up on fraud charges. Its appalling, there’s no doubt. Judge Judy always puts people in their place and I love it! 
But…the article attached does exactly what I personally think is wrong with ALL media. 
This article makes generalizations that cannot be quantified.
I highly doubt that the author polled every liberal to see if ” most Liberals try to ignore” what’s going on with welfare. Do some? Sure. But, in comparison, don’t a great many of us “ignore” alot of what goes on around us? Sure we do, we turn a blind eye daily to all that’s wrong with our world.
I also don’t believe that ALL ” welfare recipients have gamed the system to live off of the government for several years.”
Do some? Well of course they do!

Before I get called a liberal C**T again I’m  just trying to say this is ONE of many idiots abusing the system, he does not represent ALL, any more than this liberals’ opinion represent EVERY liberal’s