Power of Two

It’s hard to calculate how many people have passed through our lives. From the moment we take our first breath, we are surrounded by humans. Some stay with us on our journey, some are just there for a fleeting moment. Family, friends, coworkers and strangers meander in and out of our lives, leaving behind lessons that modify our very existence. I personally fancy the idea that we are a sum of our experiences. Those experiences, I believe,  constantly change our path, pointing us to where we are supposed to be. 
Of late I’ve been contemplating reincarnation and soulmate theories. There are so many to chose from;some quite amusing, some to my sentimental brain, quite endearing. 

The ancient Teutons believed that we are reincarnated into the same “family” through time. More recently Cloud Atlas, albeit feebly, explores how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future. Could this be why when we meet certain folks, we quickly become friends-despite political, religious or cultural differences? Or why, however perfect a mate may appear, in the end it crashes and burns? Perhaps we’ve done this before, in another life-or several. 

“How long til my soul gets it right?”-gallalleo, Indigo Girls

A valid question, eh?

And what if the people who pass in and out of our current lives? Meeting high school friends after years or months and finding you still have a connection. Or family that despite the passage of time and distance, still impact your life. Where do they fit in the grand scheme of who you are becoming?

Six months ago tomorrow, someone waltzed back into my life after at least 15 years. Two different people now, the universe has changed and guided us to be exactly where we belong-together. It’s a beautiful journey we are on, in my sappy opinion. I am in love, I believe,  for the last time in my life. Much to my surprise, he loves me back. Surprise because in past relationships, that was not the case. Always doubting, always questioning was what I thought to be the norm. That lesson has made me appreciate this man and his love so very much. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles ahead, I am undoubting that the growing bond between us will get us through. I’m reminded of Spencer Tracy’s speech in Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner; “but where necessary, you’ll just have to cling tight to each other and say ‘screw those people'”. And cling tight we shall, and it will get us through anything. “Multiply life by the power of two” The Power Of Two-Indigo Girls

While I recognize that a 6 month anniversary of meeting up does not constitute a celebration, time being precious and finite, I will celebrate it nonetheless.
Love you babe 💜



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