Shut up and act like a woman

Ok, that pissed 90% of you off. But wait, would you believe I mean that in a positive light? Of course I do, what the hell is wrong with you? If you know me, you know where I am headed…

I am a fan of the tribe, the sisterhood, whatever you’d like to call the invisible thread that connects us. We NEED to support one another, not tear one another down. This connectedness is something I believe men just don’t share (unless they are highly evolved). 

I see you tube videos of high school girls fist fighting over a guy, while the guy videos it. Women knowingly dating married men. Women belittling and commenting at single moms with food stamps. And today, much to my sadness, shaming the first lady. 

I hate Donald Trump, no sugar coating it. He represents everything the male stereotype embodies. But ladies, leave his wife alone. She did things unbecoming a first lady, sure, but not recently. And criticizing her looks and clothes-grow the fuck up. She, like Michele,  Hillary, Barbara and all of the first ladies have been under 

unprecedented scrutiny. What self respecting woman could call another woman an “ape”? Shame on you. 

Criticize the president every day, all day for the next 4 years-please. But grow up when it comes to the first family, past and present. 

Woman are strong, and we need to share that strength with young women. Be a mentor, not a monster. Educate, dont subjugate. Lead, teach, nurture-Women need to roar, together, not separate. And for God’s sake, not about dresses, hair, looks, etc. 

Unless you happen to be perfect, then have at it. 

My two cents. 


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